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Chalk Ghost
A Whitehorse Ghost Story

In CHALK GHOST the tormented soul of a young Hmong immigrant returns to the apartment in an old, Victorian two-flat where she died. From the other side, at first the spirit is unable to fully recall the events that led to her death. Bit by bit as she haunts the house, she unearths the horrible details.

The Chalk Ghost haunts the building's electronic systems, including the landlord's wireless rnetwork. She haunts the phone lines to listen in on his calls. She invades the dreams of the new tenant, 19-year-old
Lily-Rose Whitehorse, a deaf college student.

Whitehorse may not be able to hear the Chalk Ghost's eerie moans, but she has second sight and realizes the apartment is haunted. When she begins to fear the Chalk Ghost wants her out of the house, she does everything she can to exorcise the spirit: but the Chalk Ghost can't leave the place where she died until Whitehorse discovers where the body is buried.  
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